List of bikes available
1977 Bultaco 250 Pursang Mdl-192 - This is a non-matching numbered bike. Powdercoated frame & bits. Has a newly restored Model-167 motor in it now ('76 250 Pursang). Has an up pipe with all restored cosmetics, powdercoated frame, etc. Some bubbling of paint on tank. ENGINE SPECS: New piston 2nd overbore, all trans bearings and main bearings are new, all gaskets & seals are new. Custom paint scheme painted looks beautiful, and in my opinion should have left the factory looking like this. 38mm forks. Bike has been completely restored and built to race. Very unusual and awesome bike. Bob Wilbur restoration. $4,000.00 
1978 Bultaco 370 Pursang Mdl-207 - Matching frame & engine numbers, but once again has been fully RACE RESTORED to better than new. Unconventional yet beautiful non-stock colors (black & red) and looks beautiful. Another bike from collection of above and is just as nice. ENGINE SPECS: All new piston, rings, crank bearings, trans bearings, gaskets, seals, etc. BUILT TO RACE with all of the finest components. Super nice and super clean bike. Bike has been 100% restored and now has 2 motos on it so it's just broken in and ready to race. Bob Wilbur restoration. $4,000.00 
1978 Bultaco 370 Pursang Mdl.207
1977 Bultaco 250 Pursang Mdl. 192